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Managning Director

Murlidhar Tripathi is a Managing director of the Westcoast Retail Private Limited who was instrumental in establishing a solid foundation 

for the exponential growth of the company. After playing key roles in direct selling company as CEO, he laid the foundation 
stone of Westcoast on 23rd Nov 2017.
Murlidhar Tripathi is a talented, dynamic and versatile Entrepreneur, who lives by the adage “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”
His open and consultative management style is anchored around the tenets of his Never GiveUp philosophies.
Under his leadership, Westcoast initiated it's operations in India with Personal care, Health Care, Home Care, FASHION and FMCG products, rightly foreseeing 
the future of global environment. Gradually Westcoast introduced products ranging across health & wellness, personal care, FMCG, Fashion, Footwear and home care. Today Westcoast offers Wide Range Of result- oriented products across Six Diffrent categories.

Murlidhar Tripathi
Managing Director

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